USB Flash Drive 32GB 64GB Pendrive Recognition Fingerprint Encryption

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EAGET USB Flash Drive 32GB Pendrive USB 2.0 Recognition Fingerprint Encryption Flash Disk 64GB Memory USB Stick Mini Pen drive  



Safety,Let you control in one hand

Protection information / Safe senior steward


Fingerprint password、Central management system、Accurate identification、Privacy management、Free partition

FU5-790_01   FU5-790_02

Wielding a moment,Safer.  

AES265 encryption algorithm for your data security, the deepest protection.  

FU5-790_03   FU5-790_04

Is your data really safe?  

Information naked security did not guarantee  

No encryption, software encryption can easily steal internal files.  

Prevent privacy disclosure, Protect confidential, Protect privacy disclosure  

FU5-790_05   FU5-790_06

Central management system,Your private senior butler.  

Unique background central management system,   

user-friendly settings and view, management authority.  

FU5-790_07   FU5-790_08

Just 0.5 seconds, Accurate identification.  

Fingerprint verification response quickly, sensitive, time-saving!  

Plug and play, support hot swap.  

FU5-790_09   FU5-790_10

Flexible partition, Custom size, easy to use.  

Fingerprint U disk package for public and hidden sectors (PUBLIC and SECURE)  

The public sector in the fingerprint U disk into the computer's USB port can be accessed immediately after,  

But hidden sectors only after the corresponding fingerprint authentication is successful.  

FU5-790_11   FU5-790_12

Sparkling silver , Create a metallic texture.  

Give you a different feeling.  

FU5-790_13   FU5-790_14

Anti-scratch wear, Quality Assurance.  

Greatly enhance the fingerprint U disk life.  

FU5-790_15   FU5-790_16

Compatibility is strong,  Plug and play.  

(Apple laptop users first use the fingerprint encryption U disk,     Need to add fingerprints in the windows system operation before using the encryption function. )  

FU5-790_17   FU5-790_18   FU5-790_19   FU5-790_20   FU5-790_21   FU5-790_22


Capacity: 32GB,64GB  

Net Weight: About 18g  

Size:59.5mm *  20.5mm * 7.2mm  

Feature:Fingerprint encryption  

Support System: For Windows XP/7/8/10, For OSX 10.4 and higher version;  


Package inluded:  

1 x EAGET FU5 USB Flash Drive  

1 x User Manul