I've Found My Domains- Now What?

Now that you've found your domains, take some time to get familiar with both the expired domain websites as well as the software available to help you manage the lists and weed through potential gems.

Once you have sorted through your lists, it's time to run the remaining domains through a bulk domain registration tool, to determine what domains are still available, as others downloading these lists may have scooped up a few already.
One great resource for checking large domain lists for availability is available at www.Moniker.com where you can enter in hundreds of domain names and allow the software to validate whether the domains are available or have been registered.

With Moniker, you can check up to 500 domains at once, which will free up a lot of your time so you can continue searching for solid and available domain names. You can visit Monikers bulk domain registration page at:

Once you have a solid listing of available domain names, it's time to follow the advice of many who have garnered wealth in the domain industry for many years through proper and careful selection.

Copy and paste a portion of your domains from your list into the text box. Remember, it can only check 500 at a time.

Once you have entered them in, click the Search tab to send your query off. Wait a few minutes for the results. (This can sometimes take a few minutes, so be patient).

When checking for domain names you can choose to have Moniker search for only dot com extensions which is what you should focus on primarily, when you are new to domain names.

Dot com (.com) is the most popular extension and are often easier to flip.

For other extensions, you will be required to do more in depth keyword and traffic research so let’s stick to .com’s for now.

Once Moniker is done searching for the domain names you have entered in, you will see a results window where you can choose to register them with Moniker.
Note that you are not required to register them there, you can use whatever domain registration provider you wish, we are simply using Monikers bulk domain checker to sort through our lengthy list to determine availability of each domain name.

For me, I typically register a handful of domain names a day; I never go overboard unless I happen to stumble upon a great list or a good deal.

When you are first starting out, you should set at least $60 - $70 and try to register 5 domain names to start.

Once you have begun to generate a profit and have a feel for how domain flipping works, you can begin to take a portion of your profits and invest it back into registering domain names.

It will not take long before you have the business paying for itself entirely, including higher priced domain names that you will eventually register and flip.
You can also find tons of expired domain lists on domain forums and blogs.

Well, that's it for now.  Check out my next post to learn more about working with expired lists.

Oh- and if you have any tips from your experiences with domain flipping, please leave them in the comment section below.  Thanks.












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