Newest QI Wireless Charging Mousepad Mouse Pad Phone Holder Stand Chargers For iPhone X 8Plus For Samsung Note 8 S8 S7

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1. Product Name: QI Wireless Charger mouse pad

2. Product Size: 27.3 * 20.6 * 2.3CM

3. Product weight: 307g

4. Packing size: 30.2 * 21.2 * 2.5CM

Product weight: 420g

6. Color: brown, gray, black, pink

7. Features: wireless charging, cell phone bracket, the bottom of non-slip, scale test, storage items.

8. Note: The phone needs to be placed in the Qi icon before it can be recharged

1. finishing and storing
2. anti slip mouse pad
3. wireless charging function
4. portable graduated scale
5. work board
6. mobile phone bracket
Note: wireless charging - suitable for mobile phones with wireless charging function. Other phones can buy receiver coils